Hi everyone and welcome! I’m Fabio Calvelli, Founder and CEO of Standbypics. Photography, in particular, portraiture, has been my passion for more than 20 years and that’s the reason I’m here writing to you at this very moment.

Purpose of my company

Standbypics is a project that aims to inspire and guide people to reach their full potential in photography, start their own activities or businesses or simply being creative in the field of photography. Whether you’re passionate or a more skilled photographer you will find here resources and ideas to develop further your skills. I will help you find the best gears to get started, the best workshops and information to keep your ability up, I will make your journey in photography exciting and memorable. You will look back and be amazed by all the progress you’ve made.

Why This Project?

I’ve always struggled with obtaining the perfect picture or go in the right direction with my photography business, I needed self-confidence and quality results. It took me a lot of time to find my way and I met a lot of people with my same dream sharing the same difficulties. I then discovered my passion, photography, but also problem-solving and dealing with people. I love to develop, coach and motivate beginners or pro photographer to go beyond their boundaries. That makes me a better person, and that makes great also this world because art is everything and I bet there are lots of talents out there that just need to find the right path. In here together we will cultivate dedication and passion for photography in all of his forms. In this way, we will always be open to learn and share ideas with each other and an exciting journey will begin.

The Journey begins…

I’m really excited to start this adventure with you. Thanks a lot to be here. I hope you will enjoy all the contents I will provide. Please let me know your feedback and ideas.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them here below and I will be more than happy to get in contact with you.

I wish you all the best,

Fabio Calvelli
Founder and CEO @Standbypics