Hey Folks,
I’m excited to share with you all this information. In this guide, I will explain why you should create your photography website. Then, in the video, I will explain step by step how to build a photography website that you will love!
Yes. I did some research for you, and this is the best combination of product and quality, and the most important thing: It’s damn EASY and CHEAP!
Here you’re the recipe:
  • 50 Gb of web space
  • One .com free domain
  • some clicks in WordPress
  • share it with your friends on facebook for a couple of hours
  • et voilà le Jeux sont fait!
Let’s start then. Here you are the 5 Reason to build your photography website…

5 Reasons to build your photography website

1. Make yourself an expert

Having a website is a significant opportunity to grow and learn. It is your chance to show your works to everyone, get comments and critics that will push you to become a better photographer. It will demonstrate your passion to other people and will give you great motivation to go further in your hobby.

2. Stand out from the crowd

Everyone today has an Instagram or Facebook profile. These two are useful instruments to build up your image on the Internet. But still, having a website will give you another gear to leave your mark. It will develop your personality, and you will be ready anytime to take a further step. And you can grow your passion and maybe one day have a business.

In fact:

  • people will start to recognize you as an expert on the topic
  • you will show confidence. This will result in new employment opportunities or a successful business
  • You will have more skills and it will always be a very good advertisement for you

While it is important to develop yourself on all the social platforms available, a website will be your gym for improving yourself and it will be your business card for the future.

3. Save a bunch of time

Well, your time is valuable, and when you progress in this hobby people will start to ask a bunch of questions.

For Instance, What is your style? How can I contact you? Do you have a Portfolio? Are you available for a photo shooting? You can answer all these questions directly providing your web address.

Nobody will have to wait for you for a reply. Everything will be there in perfect order. Also for you will be a great help to have a space dedicated to your great passion.  In fact, it will be your cloud everywhere in the World and this for sure will save you time and space in your luggage while traveling.

4. Develop your creativity and ideas

Let’s accept, having a web space will challenge you a lot because you will have to think about your contents, publish and share them with your friends and your followers. But It will be a great journey to explore your passion and understand where you want to lead your skills in photography. In fact, it will be a great opportunity to express yourself, and there will be no limits to your ideas. It is just a space for you, and you’re the only owner of it.

5. It’s damn cheap and easy

This reason is the least but the most important one. Today we have all instruments to do this in a professional way and with a minimal investment! You don’t need technical skills or to hire a web designer, just a few steps, and you can have your great professional looking website. And this is for everyone. If you’re curious about it, I explain everything in this video. Following this tutorial, you can build your webspace for your pictures.

Now that I explained what the reasons are, let’s get a further step and let’s build your first website.

How to build your first website

Here my video:

And if you’re already a step ahead on how to create a website and you’re wondering what’s the best web space I can suggest my favorite one: Bluehost.

I’m delighted with the level of services and prices. If you want to have a look, pay a visit to their website, if possible using my link.

In fact, If you will decide to use their services, clicking on the link, you will also support me. I’m not only advertising it, I used and tested them heavily for years, and I never experienced problems, and furthermore, they’re also providing other than an affordable plan also a free domain that is a great opportunity for having an all-in-one package for starting your website without worries. And, if you need help or you need an overview for understanding how all is working, have a look at my video.

So have a look here and let me know in the comments your ideas and your questions.

Have a great time

Fabio @standbypics